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Elevate your snacking experience with NutriKit: where flavor, nutrition, and fun come together!

Our box is filled with wholesome and tasty treats made with whole grains and superfoods, delivering a perfect blend of nutrition and flavor.

Indulge in snacks free from artificial additives like preservatives, MSG, and artificial colors. Experience the purest flavors nature has to offer.

Enjoy guilt-free snacking with no added sugars, jaggery, or honey. Our snacks are naturally sweetened for a healthier treat.

Snack with confidence knowing our products are trans fat-free, promoting a healthier heart and overall well-being.

Our snacks are baked or puffed, never fried, ensuring a delightful crispiness without excess oil.

Features of Healthify Smart Scale

Connect Via Bluetooth

Compact Design

Family Shared Scale

Track 11+ Body Metrics

Works Seamlessly with the HealthifyMe app

Visulaise your progress better

See how your body metrics change overtime with visual graphs.

Syncs Easy with Bluetooth

Just stand on the scale to get your metrics auto-tracked on the HealthifyMe App in seconds!

One Scale for the whole family

Multiple people can connect and sync with the HealthifyMe app.

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