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CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitor [With HealthifySmart Plan]

4.8 (7800)
Rs. 5,999 Rs. 8,000
25% OFF

CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitor [With HealthifySmart Plan]

4.8 (7800)
Rs. 5,999 Rs. 8,000
25% OFF
2 Offers Available

Buy 2 or more CGMs and get an additional ₹500 off.

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Comes with All New HealthifySmart Plan 2024

Healthify CGM Features

No more daily Pricks. Get real-time feedback on how your diet & lifestyle choices impact your fitness with our Continuous Glucose Monitor.

• Unlock Metabolic Health: CGM quickly identifies and prompts you to track your diet and activity once there is a spike. This results in improvements in their food choices and an increase in physical activity & steps taken.

• NFC Enabled, Syncs Easy: Syncs with your phone and helps you understand your body's glucose response to different foods & activities.

• Painless Application: It comes with an instruction manual, which helps you apply the device easily, with zero discomfort or pain.

• Real-time Insights: CGM quickly identifies and prompts you to track your diet and activity once there is a spike. This helps the you to instantly act and normalize your glucose levels.

• Measurable Impact: With the help of just 14-days of CGM, our users have seen improvements in their food choices and increase in physical activity and steps taken.

• 14 Days Lifespan: Lifespan of a CGM device sufficient to track your food intake and lifestyle patterns.

• Waterproof — Performance Patch: You can carry out daily activities like your morning shower or even your evening swim, and your CGM will remain unharmed.

Healthify SMART Features

• Intelligent Meal Tracking: Gain detailed insights into your micro and macronutrient intake for every meal you log in.

• Personalized Diet Plans: Benefit from our uniquely tailored meal recommendations, designed to align with your fitness aspirations, lifestyle choices, and activities.

• Adaptable Fitness Programs: Enjoy access to a library of over 300 versatile workouts for gym and home settings.

• Nutritious Recipes: Unlock a plethora of 10,000+ delightful and nutritious recipes to inspire your healthy eating journey.

• AI-Powered Nutritional Guidance: Meet Smart Coach Ria, your AI nutritionist providing insightful feedback on your meals, workouts, and round-the-clock support.

• Consistent Progress Reports: Stay motivated and on track with daily and weekly reports detailing your progress toward your health and fitness goals.

Please Note:
We do not accept returns on CGM Devices. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.
In-case of defective products, you can contact our support teams through the Healthify App or through ‘support@healthifyme.com’  

Meet Ria,
Your Personal AI

Transform your fitness journey with HealthifySmart's Ria: Seamlessly delivering daily health insights for smarter, healthier choices.
A Day with Smart
7:30 AM

Rise & Shine

Wake up to a detailed sleep summary, integrating data from your apps and devices for a full overview of your night's rest.
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7:45 AM

Weigh to Go

Step on Healthify’s Smart Scale for body weight, body fat, muscle mass & 8+
other Body metrics.
*Available as Add-On at HealthifySmart
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8:30 AM

Move, Monitor, Motivate

Capture every move, from gym workouts to daily tasks, with proactive insights from AI Ria, all synced seamlessly withHealthConnect and HealthApp.
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1:30 PM

Snap, Track, Nourish

Discover the nutritional depth of your meals. HealthifySnap, with a simple photo, gives you detailed nutrient breakdowns and AI-driven insights from Ria.
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4:50 PM

Keep Your Diet In Check

Your diet plan has got smarter with our AI coach Ria. Get smart food suggestions and order from your favourite food platform through healthifyme app.
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It’s a Wrap

End your day with HealthifySmart's insightful summary. Your dedicated health companion, offering 24/7 support for all your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle needs with motivational insights and practical guidance.
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Personalized Diet Plan
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Ria-Personal AI Coach
AI Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
Track foods with photo
Workout Plan
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Proactive Insights
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All About Smart

Lose weight with personal AI Coach Ria

Struggling with micros, protein, or motivation? AI Ria, your 24/7 coach, helps you in your health goals with personalised guidance and proactive suggestion.

Auto-track your calories with just a photo!

Click a photo, before you eat. We’ll detect it in your gallery & auto-track it on Healthify without you opening the app. Track Micro & Macronutrients, explore unlimited healthy recipes and get instant proactive insights from AI Coach Ria.

Personalised Diet and Workout Plan by AI Ria

No crash diets, only balanced nutrition, with foods you love to eat. Customise your diet and workout plan as per your need anytime with AI Coach Ria.

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Healthify Smart
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Ria - Personal AI Coach
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