100% Whey Protein - Mango

Rs. 1,899 Rs. 2,000
5% OFF

100% Whey Protein - Mango

Fuel your health journey with HealthifyMe Whey Protein.

Rs. 1,899 Rs. 2,000
5% OFF

Special Features

Imported from Europe

Lab Tested

Healthify Certified

100% Natural

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Mango 100% Whey Protein - 25.5 g Protein, 5.6 g BCAA - No Added Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners, Zero Preservatives, Isolate as Primary Source

  • Nature's Sweetness in Every Scoop : Indulge in the tropical taste of mango, sweetened naturally with stevia. Enjoy the guilt-free sweetness in your post-workout shake.

  • Pure Protein, No Preservatives : With 26g of protein per scoop, our Whey Protein - Mango is free from preservatives, ensuring you only fuel your muscles with the purest ingredients.

  • Digestive Ease for Muscle Feast : Our blend includes digestive enzymes to promote easy absorption, making it gentle on the stomach for everyday fitness enthusiasts.

  • Muscle Maintenance Made Delicious : Repair and build your muscles with a delicious twist. Our unique mango-flavored formula is designed for optimal muscle recovery.

  • Nutritionally Balanced for Peak Performance : Each serving packs 25.5g of protein and only 122.4 calories - perfect for those counting macros and seeking efficiency in their diet.

  • Crafted for All Fitness Levels : Whether you're just starting your wellness journey or a seasoned athlete, our Whey Protein - Mango is the perfect companion for every health-conscious individual.
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Flaxseed
  • Stevia(INS 960)
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Natural and identical mango flavor
  • Guar gum( INS 412)
  • Bamboo shoot extract

  • To use, simply mix one scoop of the powder with 180-240ml of cold water, milk, or your preferred beverage. Stir, shake, or blend until fully dissolved.
  • Can be consumed before or after workout, between meals or after a meal or anytime during the day to fulfill daily protein requirements or as suggested by fitness advisor

Special Features

26g Protein per Scoop

Easy to Digest

Repairs & Builds Muscles

Sweetened with stevia only

Why HealthifyMe Whey Protein?

A Perfect Blend for Optimal Results

Unique blend of whey protein isolate & concentrate, sourced from Europe to support lean muscle.

Fuel Your Muscles

Each scoop has 122 kcal & 25.5g of protein, upto 80% protein, 5.6g of naturally occurring BCAAs in an ideal 2:1:1 ratio for quick muscle recovery

Unlock peak muscle potential

Boost muscle growth, stamina, and hasten recovery for reaching your fitness milestones. Elevate your performance. Lab-tested for safety and potency. Stringent quality assurance assures fitness enthusiasts and athletes a reliable, effective product.

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