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Whey Protein 100% 1 kg+Protein Shaker

Rs. 3,899 Rs. 4,299
9% OFF

Whey Protein 100% 1 kg+Protein Shaker

Rs. 3,899 Rs. 4,299
9% OFF

Whey Protein:

A Perfect Blend for Optimal Results-Unique blend of whey protein isolate & concentrate, sourced from Europe to support lean muscle.

Fuel Your Muscles - Each scoop has 122 kcal & 25.5g of protein, upto 80% protein, 5.6g of naturally occurring BCAAs in an ideal 2:1:1 ratio for quick muscle recovery.

Easy on Digestion, Heavy on Results-Fortified with digestive enzymes for effortless digestion & optimal nutrient absorption No more discomfort or bloating, just effective results.

Unlock peak muscle potential: Boost muscle growth, stamina, and hasten recovery for reaching your fitness milestones. Elevate your performance.

Lab-tested for safety and potency. Stringent quality assurance assures fitness enthusiasts and athletes a reliable, effective product.

Protein Shaker

Optimal Mix: Premium shaker designed for smooth, lump-free shakes.

Leak-Proof Guarantee: Ensures no mess, with a 100% leak-proof seal.

Bonus Storage: Comes with an extra compartment for powders, vitamins, or snacks.

Healthy Material: BPA-free construction supports better nutrient absorption.

Sports-Ready: Perfect for gym-goers and athletes looking for a reliable hydration companion.

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